fl'AIR Yoga

General Terms & Conditions

  • Bodywork teachers – yoga teachers, pilates instructors, dance teachers, fitness trainers, aerialists, studio owners who wish to expand their knowledge & offer to teach fl’AIR Yoga classes.
  • A reservation requires a completed registration form and a deposit of 100% off the total price.
  • The price of the Teacher Training will be set out in your booking. These prices DO NOT include VAT
  • Payment option: by PayPal
  • Once the payment has been received the participants will receive a welcome and confirmation email from fl’AIR Yoga.
  • The deposit is refundable, if the booking is canceled:

    • 8 weeks before – 100% refund
    • 4 weeks before – 50% refund
    • 2 weeks before – 0% refund
  • If you need to cancel for any reason, you will have an option to transfer your booking on someone else’s name.
  • In the unlikely event that fl’AIR Yoga have to suspend, cancel or postpone the Teacher Training because of organisational problems, the paid fees can either be transferred to a future training date or be refunded. The refund does not include any travel/hotel expenses of trainees.
  • fl’AIR Yoga accepts no responsibility for cancellation, delays, changes caused by acts of God, war, and a threat of war, closure of airports, civil strife, natural disasters, accidents or any other events beyond our control.
  • fl’AIR Yoga requires that all trainees attending the program have medical insurance for the duration of the Teacher Training.
  • fl’AIR Yoga is not liable for any injury or illnesses that occur to trainees during the Teacher Training.
  • Photos and videos taken by trainees during the Teacher Training are deemed to be for learning and personal use only. Sharing this information with third parties or for financial gain without the full permission of fl’AIR Yoga is strictly prohibited.
  • Pictures taken by fl’AIR Yoga Master Trainers during the Teacher Training may be used in a promotional capacity such as fl’AIR Yoga website, Facebook, Instagram etc. By agreeing to these terms and conditions trainees give full permission for this information to be released.
  • In case of failing the final exam there is no compensation of the booking.