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fl'AIR Yoga

fl’AIR Yoga teacher training

fl’AIR Yoga Teacher Training is a 40 hour course which takes place in Fl’air Studios in Berlin. This aerial yoga teacher training is open for everyone who is eager to learn more.

Created by experts, our founders Keeva Treanor & Iga Kowalczyk will lead you on your journey to become a certified fl’AIR Yoga teacher. This program will provide you with all of the tools you need to instruct thoughtfully prepared aerial yoga classes, with confidence, grace & ease. fl’AIR Yoga teacher training is the real deal. A thorough understanding of stunning aerial movements. Learn to teach & explain not just how to do the movements but why we do the movements.

Our Goal
We want to empower you with the knowledge to be the best aerial yoga teacher that you can be. In our experience, the best teachers are those who never stop learning, who practise what they preach, who can inspire, empathise with & who can see their students where they are & bring them forward in their practise.

Our Philosophy
We created this program because we believe that the how & the why behind the movement, is perhaps even more important than the movement itself.
Yes, we do some very ‘instagramable’ movements but aside from being very gorgeous there are some incredible physical benefits with aerial yoga & we want to make sure that you are not only looking good but also anatomically & physically correct. To ensure that you and your students are getting the best aerial technique & safe practise & not just doing movements for the sake of ‘looking cool’.

What you will learn
The Level 1 fl’AIR Yoga teacher training covers the fundamentals of aerial yoga technique. A solid base of theoretical knowledge & safe teaching methodology.

You will learn how to safely guide your students into inversions, wraps & climbs & bring their yoga practise to the next level and how to share the incredible benefits of this beautiful practise to your students. Learning how to structure & lead the class from basic warm up, stretching & breathing, moving through the poses on the floor and then to sequences lifted completely in the air & finish the practise with a delicious Savasana.

During the training you will get to know the poses & how to adapt them for different body types & abilities. We will cover how to use the hammock safely with precise & clear communication.
With our unique approach, you’ll learn how to set new goals for both you & your students to continue to deepen practise in a fun, playful and meaningful way.

Every student who joins our teacher training will receive our extensive Level 1 training manual which contains further reading material about our philosophy & goals, pictures of all the movements & the breakdown of the 7 sections of fl’AIR Yoga – standing poses, plank section, chair section, front & back inversions, open fabric and floor work.
As well as that you can expect creative transitions, examples of class flows, flying poses & fun flips.

Practise teaching
At the end of each day we will have time for questions & answers, time for self study & begin to practise to teach with a feedback round so that you will gain experience and confidence in your teaching.

Final Certification
The final exam consists of teaching a class to your fellow teacher trainees. After successfully passing the exam you will receive a certificate which entitles you to teach fl’AIR Yoga.

With all of this new skills & knowledge, the certificate in your hands you will be able to instruct with confidence, to teach your own one-of-a-kind fl’AIR yoga classes to your own beautiful students & share this amazing body work.

fl’AIR Yoga Teacher Trainees will receive

  • 40 hours teacher training
  • fl’AIR Yoga Manual with photos & flows
  • Fundamentals of aerial yoga technique
  • Principles of fl’AIR Yoga
  • Hands on assists & spotting
  • Adaptations & modifications for the poses
Keeva and Iga while fl'AIR Yoga Teacher Training classes
Keeva and Iga while fl'AIR Yoga Teacher Training classes
  • Common mistakes & critical situations & how to avoid them
  • Sequencing & structuring a class
  • Language – giving clear instructions to ensure the safety of students in & out of positions in the air.

  • Real time teaching practise.
  • Certification for successful examination


No aerial acrobatic experience is necessary for this training. However you should have previous aerial yoga experience. It is very important to us that you regularly practise what you hope to teach. We recommend a minimum of 10 classes of fl’AIR Yoga before you begin a teacher training program.

Who Can Do This Course?

  • Bodywork teachers – yoga teachers, pilates instructors, dance teachers, fitness trainers, aerialists, studio owners who wish to expand their knowledge & offer to teach fl’AIR Yoga classes.
  • Students who love fl’AIR Yoga and wish to know more about the practice.
  • This training is not suitable for beginners.

booking facts


October 30th – November 3rd, 2024

5 days, 40 hours

early Bird Price

999,- Euro*
available until: August 31st, 2024

normal price

1.199,- Euro*
*all prices are excl. VAT/USt


Fl’air Studios Berlin
Holzmarktstraße 15-18,
S-Bahnbogen 52
10179 Berlin


Space is limited to 12 participants and advanced registration is required.

Thank you for your interest in our upcoming fl’AIR Yoga Teacher Training!