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founder Keeva Treanor

Keeva Treanor

Known by her Artist name ‘Air Candy’ Keeva is an internationally renowned performance Artist. Originally from Dublin, Keeva has been a ‘Berliner’ since 2010. Having spent her childhood studying classical ballet, she then graduated from the prestigious Northern Ballet School. After graduating, her ballet career brought her to the USA where her aerial training began.

With her determination and perseverance, Keeva is primarily a self taught aerialist. As she progressed she sought out private coaching where she could, and eventually she developed her own unique signature style based on her ballet background.

Keeva has performed all over the world for theatre companies such as Friedrichstadt Palast, The National Opera of Kiev, Benidorm Palace, Krystallpalast, and for companies such as Mercedes Benz, Samsung, Google, Warner Bros, MS. Deutschland, Norwegian Cruise Line, Porsche. She has performed at award ceremonies such as the Bambi Awards, die Goldenne Henne Awards, the DFB Pokalfinal, and alongside artists such as Helene Fischer, Peter Maffay, DJ Bobo & David Garett. Additionally she was a guest solo artist with RTL’s Let’s Dance, a semi finalist on Ireland’s Got Talent, and was also featured in commercial campaigns for Siemens, Edeka and Sparkasse.

No stranger to theaters, live events, TV & commercial shootings, Keeva is active as an Aerial Choreographer & Consultant for large scale productions. Her more recent choreographic works include ZDF’s Giovanni Zaralla show, RTL’s Let’s Dance live Tour & the Riyadh Season opening ceremony in Saudi Arabia 2021.

When she is not performing or choreographing at special events, Keeva is busy with her role as managing partner of Fl’air Studios.

With her unique experience of growing up as a dancer but learning acrobatics as an adult, she has a thorough and complete understanding of how the body moves both on the floor & in the air, which allows her to make adaptations for every kind of student that comes into her class. She is passionate about quality of movement, technique, and proper conditioning.
As a coach, Keeva focuses on bringing the artistry out of her students & encourages them to not just learn the techniques necessary for aerial arts & extreme flexibility but to do so in their own individual, authentic & artistic way.


Iga Kowalczyk

Co-founder of fl’AIR Yoga, yoga teacher and professional dancer (ex-ballerina)

After graduating ballet school in Poland, Iga launched her professional dancing career in Europe and the USA. Later Iga moved to Paris, France where she performed at the famous cabaret Lido de Paris as well as Paradis Latin. Her career highlights include performing her unique Twin act together with her twin sister in Mugler Follies created by world-renowned fashion designer Manfred Thierry Mugler.

During her busy career Iga discovered yoga and dove deep into her own practice. After years of practice and also an experience in aerial yoga and gaining so much knowledge of teaching Iga decided to create with Keeva their own fl’AIR Yoga method. She combined everything that she has learned over the years, as a dancer, yoga practitioner and a teacher, and adapted ground-based yoga poses to aerial as well as creating unique sequences, transitions, fun flows and conditioning. Iga wanted that fl’AIR Yoga would be accessible to everyone, people with different body types, health issues or injuries. Fl´AIR Yoga leads to improvement. Through the practice we want to help students to develop body awareness and a balance between flexibility and strength, as well as connection with their most honest self.

As a lead instructor for fl’AIR Yoga Teacher Training Iga seeks to pass all the knowledge she got on to others who desire to teach fl’AIR Yoga (or those who simply want to deepen their practice) in a calm and fun teaching atmosphere. She focuses on precise guidance, puts emphasis on alignments, safe adjustments, class structure and the atmosphere which we want to create during fl’AIR Yoga class.

Iga loves to see how future teachers are constantly improving and then sharing the joy of fl’AIR Yoga with others.

founder Iga Kowalczyk